Génétique, Immunothérapie, Chimie et Cancer

Service gastro-entérologie et de Cancérologie digestive du CHRU de Tours


Thierry Lecomte

Tél. : +33 (0)2 47 47 59 00


  • Tours
  • Indre et Loire (37)
  • Centre – France

Team description

Our team is involved in study of variability of therapeutic responses and occurrence of side effects of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies. One goal of this team is to identify biomarkers associated with effect of cetuximab used in colorectal cancer. The relationship between ion channels expression and cetuximab activity in colorectal cancer will be evaluated.

Role in the network

The main task of our team will be to evaluate potassium ion channel expression in colorectal cancer and to study the relationship between this expression and cetuximab efficacy. For this purpose, we will first perform a preclinical study with colorectal cancer cell lines exposed to cetixumab and, secondly, a biomedical study with a series of resected colorectal liver metastases in patients treated with a cetuximab-based preoperative regimen.

Involvement in tasks 2

 Clinical relevance of SK3 and Calcium channels (on human tumors) : demonstrate the contribution of these channels or signalplex as new pronostic biomarkers and to evaluate their impact on the therapeutic response or drug side-effects in colon cancer. Characterize SK3, BKCa and IKCa channel modulation and utilization as biomarkers of cetuximab therapeutic efficacy in colon cancer.