Task 3 : Discovery of SK3 channel and SOC modulators

Task coordinators : Sylvain Routier and Paul Alain Jaffrès

This task is devoted to the development of drugs able to inhibit SK3 and modulate voltage-independent calcium channels (Orai1/3, TRPC1/4). Using all scope of activity in chemistry, heterocyclic and an osidic/lipidic strategies are elaborated to optimize lead compound acting on ion channels. The main objective of this task is to obtain the more active compound, having a lower toxicity and the best selectivity.


If there is a need to develop SK3 channel inhibitors, to reduce cancer cell migration and metastasis development, for voltage-independent calcium channels such as SOC channels, inhibitors but also activators may be of interest. Indeed, activation of SOC channels promotes cancer cell migration while their inhibition plays a major role in cancer cell resistance to apoptosis.